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Candidates file for municipal elections

The following candidates have filed to run for office in the respective cities. If only one person is listed, then that person is running unopposed in the race. Green River and Orangeville will need primary elections on Oct. 4.

Castle Dale: mayor, Neal Peacock; two council seats, Gay Lee Jeffs, Ed Rasbold, Jack R. Rogers, and Danny Whiteleather.

Clawson: mayor, Carey R. Bloomer; two council seats, Amanda Price, Gerry Hatch, and Jerry Price.

Cleveland: mayor, Jeff Horrocks; two council seats, Chris Parkins and Vaughn F. Olson.

Elmo: mayor, Kirt Rasmussen; two council seats, Ryan Jensen, Judd D. Jensen, and C. Elroy Mortensen.

Emery: mayor, Mike Williams; two council seats, Eric Anderson, Corinne Dalton, and Patrick Sundstrom.

Ferron: mayor, Gil Bowden; two council seats, Byron Rollins, Joe Trenery, Jo Sansevero, and Rodney Toomer.

Green River: mayor, Glen Dale Johnson, Ed Bentley, and Dan Harrison; two council seats, Tom Burr, Ben Coomer, Connie Copenhaver, Philip Engleman, Kent Johnson, Steve Pitt, Mike Silliman, and Karen Smith.

Huntington: mayor, Jackie Wilson and Mark Justice, two council seats, Mike Hurdsman, Cathy Cowley and Bob Mills.

Orangeville: mayor, Bart Cox, Randall Stilson, Paul Riddle, and Jeff Tuttle; two council seats, James Davis, Shaun Jeffs, Kent W. Peterson, Dannette Waite, Carole Larsen, Thomas Madsen, Marc Stilson, and Carol J. Ware.

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