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Letter to the Editor: Fuzzy Math

Ostrander, Ohio

Dear Editor:

By the second or third grade, we've all learned two plus two equals four. Keep that simple equation in mind, and you will have all you need to ward off the charlatans in the world who are regularly trying to flim-flam you and in so doing fool with your freedom.

It works for everything, from global warming to diet fads.

As for global warming, only 4 percent of all greenhouse gas emitted into the Earth's atmosphere is carbon dioxide. The charlatans would have you believe that this 4 percent can have a major impact on global climate�more of an impact than the 96 percent from water vapor, methane, and other greenhouse gases. That is unadulterated bad science�a figment of computer models with no substance whatsoever.

Similarly, fad diets claim one type of calorie is more dangerous than another type of calorie. A particular protein or carbohydrate or fat calorie is somehow more obesity-causing than a calorie of a different color.

We are told to ignore the simple arithmetic of a calorie consumed versus a calorie burned. Fuzzy math again.

When someone tries to tell you that two plus two equals five, grab your wallet and run.

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