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Letter to the Editor: Manti-Lasal beetle infestation


Dear Editor,

Being an extra 15 minutes late when I'm in a hurry to get to my destination because I got pulled over for speeding is a real pain. Although, what I find even more irritating is when I am stopped at a crosswalk for a little child and someone drives around me. I have had this happen numerous times. People are so careless.

Luckily, the child I saw this morning on Spartan Center in Castle Dale was six inches beside the car, rather than under it. This is a bigger problem than anybody seems to recognize.

On Center Street there are children walking and driving to school everyday. Castle Dale's Center Street is practically as busy as any main street, yet there are no precautions in place. No crossing guard, no caution lights, no policeman to keep us in line. Every year I see at least five close calls. I have called most of them in to the sheriff's office to make our authorities aware of the problem. What if that close call became a fatal accident? What if it was your child? And though it is mainly high school students who use this road, there are also many adults in a rush to get here or there that hurry down that road without thinking.

Huntington Elementary has taken some steps to achieve the safety that the children deserve. There is a police vehicle near the crosswalk everyday. There is a caution light on Main Street and a crossing guard to help the students.

The awareness of the people driving Spartan Center Street in Castle Dale is important. I don't think it would hurt a bit to increase the monitoring by the police in that area. A crossing guard would be a great asset at this intersection. Please help to stop the problem before it's your child.

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