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Letter to the Editor: Illegal immigrants cost Americans

St. George

Dear Editor:

We are now entering that part of our summer season where the house or barn fly is becoming very annoying. A solution to the problem is very simple.

Years ago I developed a friendship with a county health inspection agent for Carbon and Emery counties, Frank Liddel of Wellington.

His council and advice are as follows: 10 pounds of sugar, one gallon of water; add sugar to water, put on stove and simmer slowly, bringing the contents to a simple syrup, add more water if necessary.

While cooling stir in one pint of malathion, which is available at any farming, livestock supply store. Approximately $7 per pint to the simple syrup.

The syrup must be thin enough to flow with a forceful stream from a weed sprayer. Use stream flow. Do not spray. Spray this solution under the eaves of roofs, under shed roofs. Any where flies will land to rest or spend the night.

The sugar will draw them, the malathion will kill them. Wood material works the best as it will absorb the simple syrup but will only release its poison when the fly sucks on the stream of simple syrup absorbed in the wood left from the sprayer.

Fifty-one years later the area I sprayed is still killing flies. I have also seen mosquitoes drop dead.

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