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Letter to the Editor: Bright idea is waste of time

Seattle, Wash.

Dear Editor,

My understanding is that we will have an ID card/driver's license with all manner of personal data contained therein: medical, financial, criminal, employment, almost your entire life history. We will have input of our information from many different sources. Do we trust this information? How do we verify it or correct it? Will authority believe us?

I work in the court system and handle public documents all day long, and I've done it for nearly 30 years. In these public documents, the same name sometimes is misspelled three different ways, numbers and addresses are wrong, there are many, many mistakes made by clerks, minimum-wage clerks, the same clerks inputting our data for our national ID cards.

We will have to pay these clerks much better wages to be able to depend on the accuracy of their input into our national ID cards/driver's licenses, $50,000 to $70,000 per year, or we will have the biggest fiasco ever in our country.

This bright idea was snuck into a must-pass spending bill at the last minute by a representative from Wisconsin, Bill Sennsinbrenner, Republican. Maybe the citizens of Wisconsin are willing to pay for this incredible waste of time and money.

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