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Letter to the Editor: Safety on Utah highways must be improved


Dear Editor,

U.S. Highway 6 between Green River and Spanish Fork should become an Interstate Highway. And, Utah Highway 10 between Price and I-70 should become a four-lane minimum access highway. These highways currently meet the needs of the 1950s and 1960s. Intra and inter state commerce travelers use these highways today. Safety on these highways must be improved.

We have different personalities and age groups traveling our highways. Long convoys of traffic along these highways have become an unfortunate standard. There are many people who misjudge their ability to pass safely within these long convoys�serious accidents happen as a result. Further, having a four-lane highway might expose speeding travelers to an awaiting state trooper.

Although many tax dollars go to the Wasatch Front, much of the traffic and highway users travel in other parts of the state going to, coming from or passing through the Wasatch Front. The traffic demands an improvement in highway safety in other parts of the state...and the need is now.

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