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County to receive upgrades for 911 system


All 911calls come into the Emery County dispatch. Deputy Robert Riley works in the dispatch center.

Commissioner Drew Sitterud reported in commission meeting that the county has been awarded $124,000 to update the emergency 911 system in the county. The cost of upgrading will be approximately $214,000 and $84,000 will come from the county. The county funds are collected by Emery Telcom on the monthly phone bills of all county residents. Commissioner Sitterud said, "Bret Mills and Liet. Bill Downard worked on writing the grant. We attended the meeting in Salt Lake where the grant proposals were discussed. We were one of the only counties who sent representation to this meeting. We sat through many lengthy proposals, but we came away with the money.

"Sheriff Lamar Guymon was there to answer questions from the committee and this worked to our advantage. The grant was well written. Emery County currently has the oldest system in the state. We will begin immediately to start the process of updating. Bret will order the new equipment. I think they moved forward on our grant because of the age of our system. The new system will be able to locate cell phone users," said Sitterud.

Sheriff Guymon said with the new system when a call comes into 911 from a house, a dot on the map will appear showing where the house is. Special information could also come up regarding any special medical conditions of those in that household, history of domestic violence and other pertinent information. "These needed upgrades will help the system, but our 911 system will still be old and we are working on more grants to upgrade the system even further," said Sheriff Guymon.

There will also be enough funds available next quarter to pay for the five year maintenance agreement for the equipment.

The Emery County Commissioners passed a resolution to create a board for the Museum of the San Rafael. This board will consist of nine members, serving four year terms. To begin with four of the members will only serve two years so as to create a revolving board, where all members terms do not end at the same time. Commissioner Sitterud recommended making Dickson Peacock a lifetime nonvoting member of the museum board due to his many years of service to the museum. The commissioners approved the board and the appointment of Peacock.

The county has the need to form a boundary commission to review a protest on an annexation proposal submitted by Ferron City. The committee will be formed from two elected officials, two members of the COG, organization which includes all of the city mayors and also three other appointed members. A letter will be sent to Ferron City requesting a copy of the annexation plan which will give guidance to the boundary commission. The boundary commission will review the annexation proposal and will make recommendations to the city involved. Commissioner Gary Kofford will serve on the commission and Steve Barton, county treasurer. A special meeting of COG will have to be called to appoint two people from that body and the other three members. The commission needs to be in place in 30 days.

Bids were opened on two parcels of property that the county owns and wishes to dispose of, the property was advertised and bids received. One parcel in Cleveland was awarded to Kaleb Sitterud for a bid of $400. The Lawrence property was awarded to Paul Gilbert for $501.

Gaylee Jeffs and Danette Waite reported to the Emery County Commission that the Emery County booth had been awarded, Best Representation of County at the Utah State Fair. They presented a plaque and a ribbon to the commission for display in the trophy case. The commissioners made a special motion to thank Gaylee Jeffs, Danette Waite, Margaret Keller, Michelle Scovill, Nancy Jensen and Shannon Hiatt for their work with the county fair and the county booth at the state fair.

The commissioners ratified an amendment to the personnel policy that allows for insurance benefits for married employees.

The commission approved the circuit breaker, veteran, blind and other abatements with one exception. There was a question on one of the low income abatements and the person will be contacted and a meeting set up.

An abatement for an ambulance write-off was postponed until the person has a resolution with the insurance company. If it is still needed at that time, then the county will look at it again.

The commission approved the closing of the board of equalization for the 2005 property taxes. The commission approved a partial payment of the new carpet for the Museum of the San Rafael.

In personnel matters, Marilyn Olsen and Natalie Gardner were approved for their six month increase. Personnel Director, Mary Huntington was given the OK to begin advertising for an equipment operator for the road department and a part time librarian for the Huntington library.

Commissioner Kofford reported that 55 riders attended the Arapeen ATV Jamboree with 50 riders from outside the state of Utah. Thirty local people acted as guides for the third annual event held in Ferron and the surrounding area.

Commissioner Hatch commended Carol Cox for her work on the commission meeting minutes which she prepares after each commission meeting.

Commissioner Sitterud reported that Sally Wisely, Utah BLM director, is moving into the Colorado BLM director position and a farewell party will be held for her on Sept. 27 in Salt Lake. She might also attend the Wedge Bike festival on Sept. 24. He said he attended the Miss Melon Days pageant and six talented girls performed. He hopes they all try out for the Miss Emery pageant next July.

The commissioners were all going to attend the open house for the San Rafael Research business which has just opened in Huntington. Commissioner Sitterud said the county's portable bleachers were used at the football game at San Rafael Junior High and the parade and demolition derby in Ferron. Commissioner Sitterud said the state parks people are meeting with the committee formed to look at ideas for integrating the state parks and the communities.

Commissioner Hatch reported he had met with the joint highway committee concerning the money for the Moore cut-off road. They will be meeting again with the committee where they will tell the county how the available money can be accessed. The money for phase two of the project is already available and the bids have been let and will be opened Sept. 20. There were five interested bidders on the project which comes off I-70 and moves back across the cut-off road. This project will begin this winter and continue through next spring, depending on weather conditions.

Commissioner Hatch reported the travel bureau had met and discussed websites. He also attended the regional meeting for the Workforce Services. They are interested in moving ahead with the energy center and they are still looking for supporters for the project.

Commissioner Kofford said the heritage group has been working on the restoration project at the Swinging Bridge. Commissioner Hatch said they are still working on the Muddy Bridge kiosk where information regarding the history of the bridge will be placed.

Shannon Hiatt spoke to the commissioners regarding the fair. He thanked those involved with the success of the fair and the many volunteers who helped. He said for next year he would like to work on promotion of the fair concert to a wider audience. He might look to the Emery County travel bureau to help promote it.

Commissioner Hatch said they have received many good positive comments on the fair and they appreciate the recreation district for taking on the fair. Commissioner Hatch said he was impressed with the local emphasis on providing entertainment and activities for the local county people. Hiatt said he appreciated the promotion of the fair in the Emery County Progress newspaper and their help in getting the word out about the events.

Getting the local people involved is an important part of the fair.

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