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Letter to the Editor: Monetary priorities


Dear Editor,

One must wonder where all the money is going to come from for our national emergency assistance in times of domestic devastation such as wreaked by the two recent hurricanes in the South.

On a daily basis, our political friends would like us to believe the main dollar drain comes from maintaining programs such as military retiree benefits and VA expenditures, and that we need to cut medicare and medicaid and other needy programs as well when, in fact, most of these programs are but a pittance in Congressional spending.

What we really need to do in order to insure a quality national existence and meet our immediate emergency needs is to get our Congressional members out of the hog trough by eliminating unnecessary pork and stop giving needless billions to nations that hate us.

This action alone would insure our financial independence and freedom far into the future while not detracting from needy friends both at home and abroad.

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