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Triathlon winners

Blake, Paul and Taylor Jensen win the men's event.

The USA sanctioned Triathlon and Regional championships held its final triathlon of the 2005 season at the Pineview Reservoir in the Ogden Valley in Huntsville.

There were 711 total entrants in the event.

The triathlon is divided into different groups including Olympic distance, which includes 1 mile swim, 36 mile bike race and 6.4 mile run.

The sprint distance includes 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike race and 3.2 mile run.

Each of the distance races includes relay events, which are divided into men's women's and mixed relays.

In the men's sprint relay division, Paul, Blake and Taylor Jensen of Ferron won the men's event out of six teams.

Paul did the 1/2 mile swim, Blake did the 18 mile bike race and Taylor did the 3.2 mile run.

Other triathletes from Emery County that participated in the Scofield triathlon earlier this year include, Terry Bennett, Genevieve Lake and Stacy Moss.

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