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Domestic Violence awareness luncheon

Staff Writer

Kizzy Ellington accepts the donation of quilts by Shari Tuttle.

October was domestic violence awareness month, to raise awareness of the problem, the Domestic Violence Coalition hosted a luncheon and lecture at the county building on Oct. 12. Nancy Orgill welcomed everyone and asked for a moment of silence for the victims of domestic violence. She stated that during the past year, 23 people have died due to domestic violence in Utah. "We need to keep these people in mind, and do whatever we can to reduce the violence that is so prevalent in our world today," said Orgill.

Shari Tuttle, Emery High's family and consumer science sterling scholar, was present to make a presentation to the Children's Justice Center. Kizzy Ellington, representing the Children's Justice Center, accepted the donation of quilts for children affected by violence.

Tuttle also introduced the speaker for the luncheon, Amy Rasmussen. Rasmussen works for the Carbon County School District as a counselor, and she specializes in aggressive behavior. "Relational aggression is more prevalent in young people, but if the problem is not addressed it can carry over into adulthood," said Rasmussen. She said the best thing that can be done for someone who is a victim of aggression is to get that person to talk about it. It seems that if they can say the words, it takes the power out of the act.

One key thing to be aware of in becoming aware of aggressive behavior in children is the aggression begins before fights break out. The aggressive behavior begins with verbal remarks. One child, or a group of children begin to verbally challenge another. This is the prime time to teach young people about aggression, and how to stop the behavior. People who are victims of this type of violence may be affected for their entire lifetime.

Rasmussen listed the types of aggressive behavior and signs to watch for, such as alliance building, put downs, keeping secrets, rumors, gossip, and covert physical aggression. She said an excellent Web site to visit for help is There are also many places in the two county area to go for help.

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