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American Legion to sponsor quilts of valor for wounded servicemen and women

Hazel McMullin, local long arm quilter is participating in a project that supplies Quilts of Valor to injured service men and women.

A QOV is a tangible way to show your deep appreciation for this wounded serviceman's and woman's service, sacrifice and valor for our country in this Global War on Terror. When these men and women are "downrange" (in the war zone), they face a reality that few of us can appreciate.

Once they leave the confines of their compounds, they do not know where their enemy lurks. It could come in the form of a discarded garbage bag on the road or as an ordinary citizen. Our soldiers and marines work under extremely trying circumstances and for little pay and recompense. They frequently say "I'm just doing my job not thinking what they are doing is anything special."

There are many, many Americans who have not volunteered to serve our country. In fact, only about 5 percent of Americans have any connections with servicemembers "downrange" meaning 95 percent of Americans don't.

More than 2,000 of our men and women have died as a result of this war. The official number of wounded is around 14,000 but the real number is more like 30,000.

Our wounded deserve the best QOVS that quilters and longarmers can make for them. They gave their best. The least we can do is reciprocate. And, remember the old adage-you get what you pay for. A quality QOV cannot be made in one hour.

McMullin and several other longarm quilters will be doing the work. For information on how to help with funding the postage, helping with the binding, or to help purchase batting, call McMullin at 653-2246.

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