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Editor's Notes


The football season recently concluded and it always brings with it a mixed reaction for me. It's always sad to see it end, but this year, I have a senior graduating and he won't be around to play anymore so it makes me sad to have that high school career come to an end.

This son/football player has always been a hard worker. He always gave his all on the football field and left it all on the field. The Emery team this year had what some might consider a losing season, but I don't feel that it was a losing season.

I think this team learned a lot about life throughout the season. They went out there every week and sometimes the outcome wasn't pretty. But they still went out there and gave good effort.

It takes a lot of guts to go out each week and play a game.

It may not have been a really fun year, but there were some bright spots. Beating Carbon and Granite was great. Getting a chance to go to a state playoff game was also fun.

For one half of that game we stayed with them and made a game of it.

A few years back when my older son played high school football, we traveled to Morgan and although we were the underdogs that day, the boys came away with a win. I'll always remember that day. They say it's not if you win or lose, but how you play the game. But, sometimes winning is nice.

My youngest son was in the youth football league this year and they went undefeated all season. Sometimes I think a loss or two might be helpful to keep you humble.

Anyway, I love football and being outdoors in the fall. I'll miss walking up and down the sidelines. But, it's almost basketball and wrestling season, then baseball and softball, that will give us something to watch until the boys pad up again next summer.

Go Spartans!

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