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Letter to the Editor: Restoring honest pay

Utah State Democratic Party


Matheson and Democrats have restored honest pay for Gulf Coast workers.

Davis-Bacon Act to be reinstated Nov. 8, 2005.

Under heavy pressure from Congressional Democrats, President George W. Bush has conceded his ill conceived, knee jerk attack on working Americans and is restoring the wages he slashed for the hard working men and women who will rebuild the hurricane damaged Gulf Coast. In the mass confusion of the White House in days just after Hurricane Katrina, Pres. Bush signed an executive order allowing federal contractors to pay substandard wages to workers who will rebuild the Gulf Coast. Workers who had already lost nearly everything and who are struggling to rebuild their lives, their families, and their communities. The unanimous Democratic opposition to the president's suspension, led by Democratic Congressmen George Miller with Jim Matheson and others, was actually joined by 37 House Republicans and urged the White House to reverse the suspension. The President finally yielded in the face of yet another massive criticism of his domestic policy. Most prominent for Utahns was the lack of support from Reps. Cannon and Bishop. It once again shows how distant Republican members of the Utah Congressional Delegation are from the realities of average, hard working Americans. It is shameful behavior and categorically disrespectful to the hurricane victims. The effort is certainly not over. The President and the Republican members of Congress must end their attempts to slash programs for working families. As Americans, we have suffered a damaging blow from Mother Nature; it should not be too much to ask that our government abstain from joining in the destruction by continuing its punishment of our American Working Citizens.

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