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County sets public hearing for road abandonment


This Huntington road is being considered for abandonment by the county.

The closing of a road sometimes evokes an emotional response from people. Such a road is the dirt road leading to the back side of Huntington North Reservoir, sometimes known as the Southwest Cove road. Rex Funk, county road department director, brought up the issues surrounding this road. He recommends the county abandon the road. He said he has been following up on complaints from property owners in the area who have experienced vandalism on their property from users of the road. The road is used as an access for fishermen and those wanting to use the undeveloped portion of the Huntington Reservoir. It is a popular spot for swimming, but Funk pointed out there have been problems there in the past with teenage partying in the area.

Funk said there is other access for fishermen on the north side of the lake and parking could be expanded in that area. The north side crossing however would include traversing a canal or to avoid crossing the canal you would have to trespass on private property.

Funk said the road is steep and hard to maintain and, "you can't keep gravel on it." The county owns 10 acres in that area.

Ray Petersen, county public lands director pointed out in the resource management plan for the Huntington North reservoir, continued access to the Southwest Cove area was listed as a priority for those involved as long as problems didn't develop in the area.

The commission determined a public hearing would take place after their first commission meeting in January. The public hearing will be held on Jan. 3 at 7 p.m. in Huntington city hall.

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