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Representative Sought for OHV Council

The Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation is currently seeking a representative to serve on the Utah Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Advisory Council. Currently, a volunteer representative is needed to represent the interests of Utah's all-terrain vehicle (ATV) users. Candidates for the position should be active ATV riders, and should have a history of working with both public land managing agencies and organized ATV clubs and organizations. Applications for this position will be accepted through Fri., Dec. 16.

"The Utah OHV Advisory Council provides recommendations to Utah State Parks and Recreation and its board on matters related to Utah's OHV programs, including reviewing requests for matching fiscal assistance for trails, trailheads and other projects," said Utah State Parks OHV Program Coordinator Fred Hayes.

The 11-member council consists of individuals representing the interests of OHV safety, four-wheel drive vehicles, off-highway motorcycle, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, OHV dealers, state and federal agencies including the USDA Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the School and Institutional Trust Land Administration, and OHV users at-large. All non-agency members volunteer their services for the betterment of OHV use in the state.

The Advisory Council was formed in 1971 to provide information to the Utah Division of State Parks and Recreation on critical OHV issues. Since that time, the council has been instrumental in passing legislation requiring young riders to be certified through the Division's Know Before You GO! OHV Education Program, which has trained thousands of young OHV operators in the safe and responsible operation of off-highway vehicles. The council remains an active force dedicated to OHV enthusiasts and their needs.

Council members meet in Salt Lake City on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to discuss current issues and to make recommendations. The number and timing of meetings is dependant on the demands of current OHV issues. Meetings generally last approximately two hours.

For more information or to apply for an OHV advisory council position, contact OHV Program Coordinator Fred Hayes at (801) 538-7435.

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