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Letter to the Editor: Health exception

Castle Dale


The Health Exception

Doctor asks; "are you experiencing any mental stress due to your pregnancy?" Teenage girl answers; " yes it is bothering me". Doctor affirms; "then you may have an abortion without your parents consent." The cases before the courts over a ban on partial birth abortions and parental notification (S.L.Tribune article 11-30-05) are opposed by Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice movement because they "lack an exception for health."

Lets stop the charade and get right down to the facts. A health exception opens the door to an abortion for any "mental or physical difficulty arising from pregnancy" (Doe vs. Bolton). Risk to health is clearly not the same as risk to life by current law.

Let's try not to fool others or ourselves. When organizations say they want a 'health exception' they are really saying they want abortion on demand.

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