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Emts Train with New Lifelike Manikin

Staff Writer

Castle Dale and Emery EMTs pose with the new training manikin.

The Emery County EMT Association recently received a huge attribute to their ongoing EMT training. The Simulaids manikin was made possible by means of a grant. Gordon and Carol Larsen had a big role in the grant process. They spent a lot of time last December rushing to get all the requirements ready. Cole Clarke helped by explaining the process and then writing the grant ordinance. Kathy Jensen also helped with paper work that needed to be ready to be processed. The grant was funded by the PacifiCorp Foundation, which covered most of the cost. Sheriff Lamar Guymon went to great measures to pick up the rest of the cost.

The new training manikin has many features, some of the highlights are a complex airway management, vital signs assessment, chest trauma treatment, 12 pulse points, cardiac monitoring and treatment, and heart and lung sounds.

The manikin is operated by PDA. The PDA offers many different scenario's that are preprogrammed in and can be made as they go. The scenarios are entered into the PDA and the EMT is then able to treat the manikin appropriately. The manikin for example has an I.V. arm so the EMT can state what kind of medicine and the measure that should be issued. The manikin then reacts to the medicine and the EMT can make sure the right decision was made. The PDA can record the students scenario and their response to the situation, and then they can review their progress at anytime.

The Simulaids manikin helps teach critical thinking skills and personnel and equipment management. The students can use any field of airway device to intubate. It allows you to see the chest moving and you hear lung sounds such as crackling, wheezing and striding to help determine any problems. It can check chest compression depth to measure it for effectiveness. There are many more capabilities to the new training manikin.

President of the Emery County EMT Association, Brandie Riley said, "This is a huge help in training for every EMT in the county. It will improve our training effectiveness immensely. We appreciate Gordon and Carol Larsen, Cole Clarke and Kathy Jensen for all their help in receiving the grant, Castle Dale and Emery EMTs for coming together to help make the grant possible, PacifiCorp for giving us this great opportunity by approving the grant, and last but not least, Sheriff Guymon for helping with the rest of the donation".

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