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Shop with a Cop


Kelly Broad and son Cody, 10, from Green River participate in Shop with a Cop. Deputy Doug Downard and Capt. Kyle Ekker from the Emery County Sheriff's Office help with the shopping.

The Emery County Sheriff's Office participated in Shop with a Cop at Walmart on Dec. 9. Children who needed a little extra help with Christmas this year were chosen to shop. Walmart donated the money for the event and each child was allowed to choose gifts. The children not only chose gifts for themselves but other family members as well.

Cody Broad, 10, from Green River said, "I'm having fun. I am shopping for my grandma and mom and dad." His mom, Kelly Broad was also along on the shopping trip and they shopped with Emery County Deputy Doug Downard.

Dillon Demont, 9, from Huntington said, "I am shopping for my brother and three sisters and my mom and dad. I'm just looking at everything."

Kolin Hall age 6 from Elmo said, "I am shopping for everybody, my grandparents, mom, dad and sister." Eventually Kolin added a few things for himself to his shopping basket, but his main concern was finding gifts for others.

Sorena Sorensen, 11, from Green River said, "I am shopping for everyone in my family." Her mom, Jenette Sorensen said they were having a good time as they shopped with Deputy Shaun Bell.

Chris Mcginnity, store manager for Walmart said that Walmart is happy to donate to the kids each year. The sheriff's office is responsible for picking out the children and Walmart donates the items. "I love watching the children pick out their gifts. It gives us such a good feeling to give back to our community. It means a lot to us to have our police officers come and participate. I appreciate them so much for doing this for these families. We have donated $1,500 for the Emery County children and $700 for the Carbon County children. I just want to thank the police officers for what they've done. What they are doing is awesome and we're so happy to be part of it," said Mcginnity.

Emery County Sheriff's officers participating were: Doug Downard, Norm Vuksinick, Bob Blackburn, Shaun Bell, Casey Alton, Tom Harrison, Tosha Barnett, Garrett Conover, Shon Roper, Kyle Ekker and Lamar Guymon.

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