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County commission approves 2006 budget

The adopted budget for the general fund of Emery County 2006 is, on the revenue side, income is projected to be down in 2006 to $9,757,557 from $10,515,790 in 2005, for a difference of $758,233. The bulk of the lower income is projected to be in contributions and transfers with an amount of $794,400 less this year than last. The largest increase in revenue is projected to be in the intergovernmental portion of the budget with an increase of $115,907. In other areas of the revenue portion of the budget, tax revenue is expected to drop $96,890, licenses and permits is projected to drop $4,850, and a $12,300 drop in miscellaneous revenue is expected.

The amounts of reduction in expected expenditures are: commissioners-$2,500; public defender-$13,950; special counsel-$4,500; law library-$1,000; attorney-$76,600; sheriff-$35,146; communications-$146,900; animal control-$2,280; ambulance-$12,900; poor and indigent-$100; highway-$45,800; television-$11,000; extension-$2,300; weed and mosquito control-$25,370; dues, contributions and transfers-$747,350; non departmental-$10,229; and personnel director-$21,900. These proposed cuts total $1,159,825.

For the budget items receiving an increase, those amounts are increased over 2005 by: justice court-$4,500; IT department-$47,800; clerk/auditor-$25,100; treasurer-$5,400; recorder-$21,050; assessor-$18,470; vehicle registration-$1,600; senior citizen-$7,000; courthouse-$4,500; elections-$48,500; planning and zoning-$30,400; public lands-$230; traffic enforcement-$2,900; corrections-$11,000; homeland security-$211,907; health-$488; mental health-$373; landfill-$200; unemployment/worker's comp-$15,000; county insurance-$1,844; and airport-$11,000. These increased budget amounts total $469,262.

The Emery County fair and the Museum fo the San Rafael, among other items, are still being funded by Emery County, but are now under their own accounts and are not included in the general fund amount.

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