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Senior Of the Week: Marcia T. Snow

I am Marcia T. Snow of Orangeville. I was born June 3, 1927 in Torrey. I came to Ferron when I was three years old.

I married Sheldon W. Snow on June 16, 1945 and have lived in Orangeville since then.

We have four children; three boys and one girl. Richard is in the U.S. Reserve and recently returned from a year of duty as Colonel/Commander at Fort Hood, Texas. Ray is the co-owner of Glens Tires. Blaine is a pilot, inspector and mechanic at Skypark airport in Bountiful and has also built his own airplane. Linda is an accountant at Maxfield Candy Company.

Sheldon passed away in 1999.

We have six grandchildren, two girls and four boys and two great-grandchildren, one boy and one girl.

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