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Letter to the Editor: Democrat traitors



I had the opportunity to listen to the confirmation hearings of Samuel Alito. While listening to the questioning of Judge Alito, I learned what the democrats care most about. One is the right of a mother to kill her unborn child and the other is the rights of terrorists that want to kill Americans. The abortion issue, while disturbing, is not as pressing to me as the second one.

The democrats have been and continue to make a huge mistake in their perception of the war on terror. They have fought the president tooth and nail from almost the start. They have accused him of lying and going to war for personal and political reasons. They have given aid and comfort to our enemies and attempted to destroy the morale and mission of our fine men and women who are fighting this war.

What scares me most about the democrats is the fact they care more about getting their power back and destroying our president than protecting this nation and its people. If they are successful in what they are currently attempting we will lose the war on terror.

After the attacks on September 11, the president told all of us this would be a long and hard fight and we could win, providing we keep our resolve. The democrats, with the exception of Senator Joe Lieberman, have lost their resolve.

I used to think the most dangerous people in the world were the terrorists but not anymore. The democrats and their accomplices in the media are. They cannot be trusted to lead this country at this time or any other. The American people need to go to the ballot box this November and send as many of these democrat traitors home as we can.

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