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Letter to the Editor: Upa Confidentiality Laws Protect Abusers

Green River


The UTA (anoted) laws pertaining to confidentiality for juvenile courts causes all sexual offenders to go underground.

The laws of confidentiality protect those who abuse the laws.

You cannot have state confidentiality laws for juvenile courts that abuse federal immunity laws for the protection of expert witnesses. It is in conflict with federal laws.

Like any court, juvenile courts must be open to public recruiting.

You cannot hide behind, 'for the good of the children'.

When juvenile (confidential courts) violate federal laws, you can't have it both ways. It's common sense one of the laws must be changed.

Because the laws, federal and state, are not in uniformity, we are turning out sex abusers as a whole in some states. The DCFS would not be under ombudsmen if state law makers would change the confidential juvenile court laws.

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