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Doing your own tech research

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Although being computer literate does require a minimum amount of computer knowledge, it does not require knowing everything there is to know about technology and computers. No "computer expert" has all the answers, nor should they proclaim to. Like anyone else, there are times when they must do their own research. These resources will help fill those "missing pieces" that you may have regarding computers and other electronics:

Here are several online resources that I have found useful (your mileage may vary): If you are looking for definitions for computer terms, is a good source. As the site is primarily for more experienced computer users, some of the definitions aren't written in layman's terms, so be prepared to research some of the terms used in the definitions! If you're looking for quick answers, this is a great resource! Google is an excellent research source for more than just computer terms. It's fast and extremely uncluttered. Be sure to narrow your search terms, however, or be prepared to be inundated with results! If you're looking for information written in layman's terms, this is a good place to start! Some of the explanations are very detailed, and some are a bit vague, but overall, this site provides quite a bit of information! or If you have found my "Tech Tips" articles helpful, you can read past articles via the site archives. The articles are found in both sites, so it doesn't really matter which one you use. Go to the site, click on "Archives" link found on the left side of the screen, then click on "Regular Publications." You should see a list of pages with some form controls above the list. Change the "Year" selection to "All" and the "Show Page(s)" to "Tech Tips" and hit "Filter Listing." You should see a list of all the Tech Tips ever published. Click on one to read it (Be sure to click on "Tech Tips" itself, and not the date above it)!

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