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Meth bust in Castle Dale


Glassware was found in the home and numerous syringes and drug paraphernalia.

Emery County Drug Task Force officers made two arrests in Castle Dale on Feb. 9. As a result of an investigation involving surveillance, tips and traffic stops, enough evidence was gathered to obtain a search warrant.

On Feb. 9 the search warrant was executed at 4 p.m. by the Emery County Drug task force officers and members of the Emery County Sheriff's Office.

Arrested in the search were Rhonda Mathena, 45, and Randy Casias, 48. Officers involved in the arrests and search included: Det. John Barnett, Sgt. Tom Harrison, Agent James Weaver, Deputy Blake Gardner and Niko, Deputy KC Alton, Deputy Jerod Curtis and Kathy Jensen.

"We found a lot of drug parphernalia and two sets of scales. We found marijuana and baggies with methamphetamine residue which will be tested. We found a lot of glassware commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. We found many syringes all through the house and papers with measurements commonly associated with drug selling.

"The female has been charged with possession of methamphetamine in a drug free zone which is a first degree felony and possession of marijuana in a drug free zone which is a class A misdemeanor and possession of drug paraphernalia which is a class B misdemeanor. The male has been charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

"They were arrested and booked into the Emery County Detention Center. The female posted bail and the male remains incarcerated. We later learned the female is also facing drug charges in Carbon County," said Det. Barnett.

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