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Letter to the Editor: President has authorization


Dear Editor:

I am writing this in response to a letter you printed in your Jan. 31 issue. Yes, the president has authorized the NSA to monitor incoming calls from foreign countries and yes, they have done this. I am so sick of people like Mr. Livingston, who will simply not acknowledge that we are at war. We are fighting an enemy that hates America, its values and traditions almost as much as the liberal democrats do.

I remember that after Sept. 11, 2001, all the democrats wanted to do was blame the president for not doing enough to prevent the attacks. Now, thanks to an illegal leak, we find out the president has been doing everything he possibly can to keep another attack from happening. This has caused a predictable but still disgusting response from the democrats. They say what the president has done is illegal and we should impeach him. There are so many ways to completely destroy this stupid, asinine accusation it is almost laughable. I will only use one. The president has authority under the constitution to use any means he sees fit to protect the country from attack while we are at war. America is at war with terrorism. The democrats are at war with the president and to them there is no other enemy.

I would like to think that if the democrats were in charge they would take the threat of terror more seriously. But after seeing how we were hit by these same terrorists five times during the Clinton administration and how they dealt with the problem by ignoring it, I don't think they would. The Clinton administration killed more Americans in Waco, Texas in one day than they did terrorists in eight years.

I love how the democrats get all concerned about the constitution when it looks like it may help them destroy George W. Bush. That is about the only time they care about it, when it helps them channel their hate.

The one thing the democrats need to understand and they probably never will is this. If we lose the war on terror, the constitution will not amount to a hill of beans. We will be living under the terrorists. That is why democrats cannot be trusted with the national security of this country. George W. Bush does accept this and is doing the right thing, fighting it.

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