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Senior of the Week: Maxine Torgerson Hall

Maxine Torgerson Hall was born in 1939 to Rulon and Mable Montague Torgerson of Koosharem.

Maxine grew up on the Torgerson Ranch. Her father bought the ranch from his father Torval.

Maxine attended school to 10th grade in Koosharem and the 11th and 12th grades she had to live away from home to attend school in Richfield and Salina. She attended college at Utah State.

Maxine went with Coombs Hall for four years and they married on June 25, 1960. They have two children, Gregory and Penni. They have eight grandchildren. They have lived in Green River since 1972.

Maxine worked outside the home since she was a young girl, babysitting, cleaning, housework, waitress, bookkeeper, teacher aide, substitute teacher and secretary.

She is now enjoying senior citizens and retirement with her husband.

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