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Elmo Town discusses planning and zoning issues, appoints fire chief

Staff Writer

Elmo Town held their January council meeting. Darlene Erni from Active Re-entry made a presentation to the council. She told of her program for the older blind in Emery County. She then asked the council to get the word out about the different things that are offered through the program. They also have a bus that transports victims of cancer to Provo for chemotherapy treatments. The council said this is a great program and they will do their part to let the community know.

Mayor Kurt Rasmussen said they need to consider nominees for the planning and zoning council. The council agreed upon five residents. Letters will be sent out and the council will wait for a response. Members will help make recommendation after they review the situation and make sure they meet ordinances and their standards. Planning and zoning will also help with the water shares and make sure they are looking at the secondary water shares correctly. Culinary water shares need to be adjusted with last years loss of about $500 to $600.

Resolution of late water bills was next. There has been $3,500 of lost revenue that Elmo had to pay the Special Service District as of January of 2006. It has become a problem that needs to be resolved. Elmo has been very good about working with the people and will continue to do that, but residents have to follow the terms agreed upon with the council. The council discussed and agreed upon a set of provisions and actions that will be taken if there is a failure to meet terms and conditions.

The Utah League of Cities and Towns meeting was canceled. The mayor said he would see if they could reschedule a meeting for around this area.

The EMT's asked for a donation to attend a training that will recertify them. Council approved the donation, paying $100 per EMT.

Mayor Rasmussen told the council that no fire chief applications have been sent in. The council nominated councilman Clark Atwood to fill the position. Atwood accepted the nomination. He said they need to get more involved in the county meetings. Because of the failure of this Elmo has been passed over on some of the things that are available to the fire departments. Atwood said he will do his part to get the department up and running.

The council went over the new budget for this year. The next meeting is Feb. 28 at 7:30 p.m.

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