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District spelling bee winners

Second place winner, Marilyn Malan fifth grader from Ferron Elementary, First place, Kunal Sah seventh grader from Green River High and third place Jaecee Bird, sixth grader from Cleveland Elementary receive awards at the district spelling bee.

The Emery County School District spelling bee was held at Emery High School on Feb. 15. Twenty four students from around the district participated after having won the spelling bee on the individual school level. Students from fourth to eighth grades were eligible to enter the contest.

A winner was sent to the district spelling bee from each grade from each school. School winners were: Book Cliff Elementary, fourth grade-Taylor Johnson; fifth grade-Greg Johnson; and sixth grade-Akarshan Mall. Castle Dale Elementary, fourth grade-Allie Osness; fifth grade-Jace Mann; and sixth grade-Adrienne Carter. Cleveland Elementary, fourth grade-Dominic Rondinelli; fifth grade-Kalen Lofley; and sixth grade-Jaecee Bird. Ferron Elementary, fourth grade-Kodi Caldwell; fifth grade-Marilyn Malan; and sixth grade-Blayke Noyes. Huntington Elementary, fourth grade-Shaydee Murray; fifth grade-Chris Reynolds; and sixth grade-Kimberly Scott. Cottonwood Elementary, fourth grade-Allison Ockey; fifth grade-Rachel Roberts; and sixth grade-Marqui Moss. Canyon View Junior High, seventh grade-Spencer Fehlberg, and eighth grade-Chalet Hooley. San Rafael Junior High, seventh grade-Tennyson Fauver, and eighth grade-Larelan Huntsman. Green River High School, seventh grade-Kunal Sah, and eighth grade-Courtney Carter Burton.

Kunal Sah placed first in the spelling bee, Marilyn Malan placed second, and Jaecee Bird placed third. Each of these winners will now participate in the regional spelling bee to be held March 23 at 1:30 p.m. at Green River High School. Regional participants are from Emery, Carbon, Grand and San Juan counties. The regional winner will advance to the national spelling bee May 31-June 1 in Washington D.C.

This is the first year since the Deseret News withdrew sponsorship in 2002, that the Utah winner will advance to national. A newspaper must sponsor the winner, and the Emery County Progress and the Sun Advocate have taken the sponsorship of this region, which allows the regional winner to advance to the national contest.

Judges for the district spelling bee were from the SouthEast Service Center. They were: Julie Taylor, Patsy Lyman, and Teresa Wilson.

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