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Ferron Special Events moving

Staff writer

Vacant lot owned by Ferron City is the probable site of the new events center.

Ferron City Councilman Joe Trenery hosted a work meeting for the planning committee of the Ferron special events center. The special events center has been considered for several years, but, as yet has had no final decision.

Ferron City has spent at least $25,000, which was received from a grant, on a feasibility study and plans for the center. Trenery said, The time has come for us to make a decision whether to move forward with this project or not. There is grant money available now and in the future availability of funds is questionable.

The discussion surrounded the indoor arena building and a smaller building that would be attached to the main building. An estimate of building costs was presented, and when all the costs were totaled, that total was $892,913. This estimate is a very rough guess as to the construction costs, and is hard to pinpoint more closely due to the rapid increase in the costs of building materials. The measurements of the buildings are 150 X 250 for the large building, and 50 X 150 for the smaller building.

The committee decided to move on the project as quickly as possible. To be considered for a grant from the CIB, applications must be turned in by April with a decision to be made in June. A public hearing is the first step in the process and will be held on March 23 at Ferron City Hall.

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