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Letter to the Editor: Patriotism in Hollywood



Please save our beloved children, and grandchildren etc.

I am writing the following letter to you in reference to pornography, filth in television in word and action, magazines, and the filth pouring in from other nations into the United States Broadcasting system.

It should not take 56 months to collect broadcast indecency fines. It is ridiculous in how long it takes in terms of carrying out the (too meager) fines to the above offenders. Also ridiculous is the record of policing the airwaves, plodding investigations, insufficient fines and inconsistent follow-up.

I would like to see a bill enacted that any government official convicted of malfeasance in office would automatically lose all rights to their pension, or/and, any other government benefits, and receive a monstrous fine to be paid immediately.

And that he, or she, is taken out of office.

The inward vessel needs to be cleansed by judiciary means, and then shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.

It is irresponsible for good men and women to sit back and do nothing.

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