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Time to reflect: Restoring doctors' status in society

Dover, Tenn.


The courts say it would be risky for physicians to rely on SB41, which would prevent physicians' apologies and explanations about medical mistakes from being used as evidence in court.

Hubris comes to mind when I think of doctors who want exceptions made for them that the rest of us don't enjoy. Those of us who appreciate Greek drama know what happens when hubris comes into play. Perhaps doctors should give some thought to the outcome if they continue to seek exceptions not granted to lesser mortals.

Last year, I heard something quite telling on Garrison Keillior's yearly Prairie Home Companion program that is composed of jokes. He said that he looked for new jokes about lawyers, but could find none. However, for the first time he found a plethora of jokes about doctors, which he preceded to tell to the delight of the studio audience and, most likely, the radio audience as well.

If doctors want to restore their once enviable status in society, they should pay the price when they commit malpractice. They should be grateful that price is monetary and does not involve time spent in jail.

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