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Letter to the Editor: What the troops are up against

St. George


I feel certain that those who read this letter to the editor have pondered the same question that has bothered me as well for some time, that certainly with as many road side bombs, car bombs, human bombs detonated in Iraq, someone has to know of the place where these bombs are prepared. Grandparents, parents, children, some still on mothers breast, uncles, aunts, and cousins have been killed. They now estimate that number at nearly 3,000 Iraq civilians, not counting the US troops.

You wonder why someone hasn't turned these bomb builders in. Go buy yourself a copy of the Muslim Bible, the Quran (Koran), and then purchase Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam by Robert Spencer. You will learn why mothers urge their sons and daughters to carry these bombs that will kill them, and yes, they will mourn for their loss.

But they will not, they dare not give the infidels (Americans) any information that will lead to a Muslim being arrested. Get the two books and study them and then you will understand what our troops are up against.

Remember the movie Patton, when the US troops literally destroyed Field Marshall Erwin Rommel's 10th Armored Tank Division at Guettar, South Africa. This was the first time Patton and Rommel met. General Patton stood on the edge of a hill and shouted loudly, "Rommel, I read your book." Read the two books mentioned and your questions will be answered.

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