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Candidate filings

The filing deadline has passed for those wishing to run for public office for the upcoming Nov. 7 election. Filing closed on March 17.

In the Emery County Commissioner A position currently held by Gary D. Kofford, Kofford has filed for reelection as a Democrat with Derek Jon Beagley and Michael Hurdsman, Republicans.

In the Commissioner B position currently held by Ira Hatch the following have filed: Kent B. Wilson, Democrat, Eric R. Anderson, Republican, Jeff W. Horrocks, Republican.

In the Assessor position, incumbent, Kris Bell, Republican has filed and Carol Riddle, Democrat.

In the Clerk/Auditor position, Republican,Brenda Dugmore has filed and Kollette K. Cologie, Democrat.

In the Attorney position, incumbent David A. Blackwell, Republican has filed. In the Recorder position, incumbent Dixie Swasey, Republican has filed. In the Treasurer position, incumbent Steven J. Barton, Republican has filed. In the Emery County Sheriff position, incumbent, Lamar E. Guymon, Democrat has filed and Gordon S. Bennett, Republican has filed.

In the school board #4 position, Marie Guymon Johnson has filed and in the school board #5 incumbent, Royd F. Hatt has filed and Owen W. Olsen.

Precinct caucuses will be held on March 21 at 7 p.m. in various locations. Delegates will be chosen from these caucuses to attend the county conventions. At the county convention any positions with more than two candidates will be reduced to two candidates, unless one of the candidates were to receive a 60 percent majority of the votes and if this happened that position would not be subject to a primary.

The Democratic county convention is scheduled for April 28 at 6 p.m. at the Museum of the San Rafael in Castle Dale. The Republican county convention is scheduled for April 5 at 7 p.m. at the Recreation Center building in Castle Dale.

The primary election will be held on June 27 with the general election on Nov. 7.

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