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The House that Emery Built


The Emery High School Construction Class just completed their fourth house. Their instructors are Jim Keele and Gordon Card. Keele said the students learn so much from their experience working on the house. They are involved in the whole process from start to finish. The students run the wires, but the electricity is installed by a certified technician. The students began in the fall with the pouring of the foundation and have just completed some clean-up work around the new house. Students work on the home for two class periods each day and many of them stay after school to move the project along.

The new home has three bedrooms, two full baths, two car garage, 1792 total square feet, high efficiency heating/central air, large kitchen, spacious rooms, storage and utility room, all new appliances and was built with pride.

The students learn a lot about working together. It takes team work to accomplish the many tasks required in the construction of a house. The students also enjoy the break from regular classroom instruction. The fun of working outside together and completing a project that will stand for years to come; has been a learning experience for this group of builders.

The help of the construction class was also enlisted by the auto mechanics class. They wanted to build an addition to the auto shop, so the construction class has been building this addition for them. This addition will give the auto shop more room for working on vehicles.

Students who have been involved on construction are: Robby Lehman, Mark Leffler, Richard Sejkora, Whitney Hurst, Adam Newman, Jake Behunin, Dan Farr, Tim Arnold, Pat Fredrickson, Matt Cornett, Garrett Jensen, Boe Jensen, Kendall Lofley, Chris Bernard and Pete Nielson.

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