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Teacher charged with alleged abuse

The Emery County Attorney's office has filed a charge of forcible sexual abuse against Brandy Yates. Yates was a teacher at San Rafael Junior High School in Ferron. The charge is a second degree felony because the alleged victim is a student and because of Yates' position of special trust, as defined by Utah law. Yates has been cooperating in the investigation and will be summoned into court.

Charges stem from reported incidents where Yates held parties in her home which included students. Reports of alleged underage drinking taking place at the home is also a concern.

The Emery County Sheriff's Office detectives have been investigating the allegations and taking reports and interviewing those involved.

Yates will make her first appearance in the Seventh District Court before Judge Bruce Halliday on April 18 at 9 a.m.

In a statement from the Emery County School District they said the teacher's employment with the school district has been terminated. The accusations are for conduct outside of her employment with the school district and the school district said as far as they know there was never any inappropriate behavior with students at school.

The school district is cooperating fully with the attorney's office in their investigation.

Superintendant Kirk Sitterud said as soon as he was contacted by the Sheriff's Office that there was a problem, Yates was put on administrative leave on Feb. 22. Yates employment with the school district was terminated on Feb. 24. Yates was a part-time art teacher and her contract was terminated immediately. Sitterud said, "We have had no problems with her as a teacher, she was a good teacher. This was a shock to us."

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