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Senior Of the Week: Leonda Carpenter

Leonda Wyman was born on Feb. 9, 1914 to Charles Augusta Wyman and Mary Viola Powers in Santaquin, where her father ran a little store. Her father sold the store when Leonda was very young and they moved to Wellington where he purchased a ranch raising sheep and cattle. Charles Wyman passed away at a young age after getting typhoid fever. One day in Wellington while riding on her brothers bicycle handlebars they were struck by a car. The only car that was in Wellington, at the time. Leonda lay unconscious for a long time. She wasn't expected to live, let alone walk again.

She married Joseph L. Hansen in 1929. They purchased a little farm in Carbonville. Together they raised three spoiled boys, one spoiled girl and one hard working nice youngest son. Who was the gopher and dopher, something like a slave for the rest of the kids.

They moved further north in Carbonville, buying Midway Service, motel and grocery store in 1955. They lived at the store until 1961 when J.L. Fondy nicknamed Buddy passed away. She then moved to Salt Lake City in 1963, with a little more than a suitcase.

She married Harry Morison and later divorced him. She married Lynn Carpenter and was very happy traveling with Lynn until his passing in 1990. She moved to Price in 1994 and then moved to Turnquist Retreat in 2001.

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