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Dugmore to keep clerk's office functioning


Brenda Dugmore, deputy clerk/auditor will keep the office running.

The Emery County Commission discussed the vacancy in the clerk/auditor's office at the regular commission meeting. Commissioner Ira Hatch said, "We have had some lengthy discussions the last two-three weeks relative to the election process and the Clerk resigning. We received a letter last night relative to that. We need to move forward with the operation of the office. We don't know yet if it is just for the interim or to fill the unexpired term.

"The issue has been beat to death, but we received a letter that Bruce Funk would like to discuss the matter further with the commission.

"Due to the nature of the situation, we need to move forward with the operation of the clerk/auditors office. We have worked out an agreement with deputy clerk/auditor Brenda Dugmore for the transition period. We still need to work out the details on that," said Hatch

Commissioner Hatch said they need legal counsel on the proper procedure to follow, on the course of action that is legal and lawful, so it will stand-up in court.

The county is working out an agreement with Dugmore to assume the responsibilities of the clerk/auditor, because the office needs to keep running. Two signatures are needed on the checks for disbursements and this must be taken care of immediately. Commissioner Hatch pointed out the county is also behind on preparing for the election in June and they need to get the election up and running and move forward with the June and November elections.

Dugmore will assume duties and the commission will come back as necessary for any official act.

Attorney David Blackwell said the process to officially fill the resigned clerk's office has been started. This will start with the Republican party.

The county needs someone in the clerk's office and legally someone can be appointed to assume and fulfill duties until the position is officially filled.

Dugmore can be appointed as a temporary acting clerk/auditor pending an official appointment by the commission of a person to serve for the balance of the resigned clerk/auditors term of office.

Commissioner Hatch said they have been in contact with Diebold and the county is working out an agreement to bring them back to the county to recertify the machines. "We will use the Diebold machines in the election," said Commissioner Hatch.

Commissioner Drew Sitterud said a Diebold representative will be present on election day to help out with questions and operations of the new machines.

As Clerk Funk was from the Republican party that party will submit three names to the commission for the approval of one name to fill the clerk/auditor position for the interim period until the newly elected clerk/auditor can take the reins.

Running for the position of clerk/auditor is Brenda Dugmore-Republican and KolletteCollette Cologie-Democrat.

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