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Letter to the Editor: Crazy?


For almost 10 years I have lived in Emery Town. Since I moved to Emery County I have witnessed more corruption, hate and per capita drug use than in my entire 52 years on the planet. As a Vietnam era, bi-polar reject, I have noticed political insanity since the Vietnam war. Until people realize that honesty is the best policy, America will continue to find itself downward bound and on a course of destruction.

I feel I am a victim of hearsay and false accusations. You can't believe everything you hear about a person, so don't gossip and spread rumors that may or may not be true. Small towns are notorious for gossip spreading.

It is my intention to live in this beautiful community until I die and I have every intention of opening my recording studio and retirement community along with expanding my bed and breakfast without undue government intrusion.

If you have any questions about me or my intentions I will be tickled to talk to you.

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