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UDOT Receives a New Snow Plow


Larry Winn shows off the new UDOT truck.

The Utah Department of Transportation has delivered a new Sterling truck with a high gull wing front snow plow and a long wing blade along the left side of the truck body to Emery County.

This new truck with the wing on the left side can throw the snow farther off the road than other trucks in the fleet.

Larry Winn of Ferron, the driver of the new truck had just returned to Castle Dale, from moving a snow bank on SR 31 near Electric Lake. When he was spotted near Stewarts Grocery. This truck and snow plow are larger than other trucks in the present fleet of trucks and can hold 11 yards of sand compared to the older trucks that can only hold seven yards of sand.

A larger capacity truck allows this snow plow truck to stay out longer and cover more miles, before returning to the shed for more sand. This will reduce the cost for clearing the roads of snow.

The high gull wing snow plow throws a large rooster tail of snow away from the highway, clearing the highway for traffic.

The interior of the truck is loaded with convenient things to make driver more safe, comfortable and efficient. There is even a television camera mounted in such a way that the driver can see how the wing on the left side of the truck is functioning.

The Sterling Truck Manufacturing Company purchased Ford Motor Companies truck division and they now bid on the State of Utah Department of Transportation contracts for trucks.

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