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K.l. Fogg Visits Book Cliff Elementary

K.L. Fogg talks with children while signing authographs.

Author of Serpent Tide, K.L. Fogg visited with the children at Book Cliff Elementary on April 6.

Fogg started by telling the children a little bit about herself. It was around five years old when she realized she wanted to be an author. She would always make her mother little books with drawings in them. She said, " And then I actually grow up and became an author." She asked the students if they knew what they wanted to become.

After college Fogg moved to Japan with her husband. She became an English teacher there for about two years. They moved all over and now have three kids. Fogg went back to school and received her masters degree in journalism. She became a news anchor for the Missouri morning news where she able to cover some exciting things like riding in a hot air balloon, riding jet skis down and Mississippi river and covering tornado's. Fogg and her family then moved to Salt Lake City where she really started to miss writing. That's how the writing began.

Fogg had the children watch a movie where she interviews one of the characters Jack Mackie from her book. She then asked them questions about the movie where they received a snake pen for a correct answer. Following that Fogg answered questions for the children.

Fogg said she is already started on the second book and she thinks there will be three books in the series.

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