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Representative Brad Johnson steps down at end of term


Brad Johnson, Argene Olsen and Kay McIff visit at the county building.

Rep. Brad Johnson and Kay McIff visit with Argene Olsen, perhaps the oldest living Republican in Emery County, and the first woman (in the early 1950s) to run for public office in the county.

Argene, now age 92, along with other county residents met at the county building in Castle Dale to recognize Rep. Johnson for his 16 years of service to Emery County. During Brad's tenure as Representative of District 70, he has sponsored and passed 64 bills, including three this past year. The Deseret News has previously honored Brad with the "Most Productive Legislator" distinction. Rep. Johnson's legislative assignment has been Chair of Natural Resources (oil, gas, mining, state parks, DWR, mapping and geology). He is also chair of the bi-partisan, 30 member group (22 representative and eight senators) know as the "Rural Cowboy Caucus." A great amount of Brad's hard work has benefited Emery County.

When asked what he would like to tell the people of Emery County, Brad said, "I appreciate my association with all these fine people who are my good friends. I feel close to the people in Emery County. I feel a part of them. I have great satisfaction in the legislation I have worked on for the people here."

Brad still has work to do on the "Hill". He will continue to represent the county through the remainder of his term, including a special session to deal with the "flat tax" issue. He has greatly enjoyed the service, "however," he remarked, "there comes a time to step down, go back to the ranch, feed the cattle, and let a well qualified man take my place."

Brad concluded with a simple "thanks for everything! I've had a great ride!"

As for Argene Olsen? "I'll be voting in the next election-if I'm still here," she said!

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