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Sheriff reports on Easter weekend

Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon said, "Easter weekend went pretty well in the county. We counted in a square mile area surrounding the Buckhorn Reservoir, 198 campers and an estimated 1,000 people in that area. There were a few violations for people going off-route with their ATVs. We had the suicide of a young Colorado woman in Green River at a motel.

"There were four reported ATV accidents with injuries that warranted a trip to the hospital. These accidents occured near Green River, Box Flat and the Buckhorn Reservoir.

"Most of the people were pretty good and exercised caution. There was one DUI arrest on the desert.

"All of our available personnel were on patrol on the desert and we feel that acts as a deterrent and also makes the deputies accessible in the event of an accident.

"Overall we were very pleased with the weekend," stated Sheriff Guymon.

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