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Letter to the Editor: be active in electoral process



And once again, here we go. Time to renew our commitment to the "goodness of mankind." Do the right thing and become active in the governing processes, so as to insure that the silent majority are represented in the political arena. Granted, this is a worthy cause and a grand concern of an ambitious person with a political agenda.

Does one ever contemplate the advent of the popular saying; "Kill two birds with one stone" when choosing an individual for governing official? "Hum, very well compensated monetarily and control of others destiny." Doesn't get any better than that, does it?

It may not be Webster's definition of "politician" but it has acquired its own meaning, through time, by representation from those candidates striving for their "15 minutes of fame" and personal well being. Understanding the underlying motivation of someone interested in representing the public in a decision making capacity is essential to electing a qualified candidate and insuring a sound government, "by the people and for the people."

There is a specific process of making a rational decision. Most decisions are made on a personal level. How does this effect "me" and what process of learning did "I" go through to come to this conclusion? And, this decision is based on very special and personal experience of this unique individual who may or may not possess a valid reasoning process.

Secondly, a lot of the time the concluded process is based on a small sampling of the broad based populous. Research and learning go hand in hand with education of the masses. This concludes that a person is experiencing the true form of representation by having the right to make his or her own decision. This decision is based upon unbiased information examined and a rational interpretation by the examiner has followed.

Become well informed. Elect officials with credentials. Research agenda. Participate by using a credible information gathering process. Make a difference from an informed position as a concerned voter.

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