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Letter to the Editor: Veterans watching rights disappear

St. George


A short time ago your paper ran an article from the local American Legion president who was encouraging all its members and more to raise their voice to make English the official language in the USA.

I salute your commander. This is the first time I have read of any veteran's organizations standing up for all those of us that returned and those that did not, but we all fought for the rights of Americans and not for the rights of the illegal invaders.

I would hope he can gather enough support from his unit and of all other veterans organizations in Emery and Carbon counties, and apply pressure on the commanders of our state veterans organization and to apply pressure on the national commanders to force our Washington D.C. legislators to declare English the official language of the United States.

In addition, to make all printed material printed in English and to make it illegal for phone companies and all other companies to use the punch one for English or press two for Spanish.

If all veteran organizations with- in the United States would come together as one organized unit, it would be the strongest organized body of men and women all united for a common cause. It would carry more power of persuasion than the ACLU or the NRA.

I wonder how the leaders of the ACLU would feel upon arriving to work at their headquarters and find 15,000 war veterans in front of their building carrying signs and shouting, "We will sing of Christ at Christmas time, we will pledge our allegiance to our flag under God, and it is good to have the Ten Commandments within our court houses or on city, county or state property."

These are just a few of our rights we veterans of several wars has stood silently by and let the ACLU take from us. Veterans united is the word.

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