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Letter to the Editor: Deportation and heartlessness

Chairman, Emery County Chamber of Commerce

The Emery County Chamber of Commerce wants to say thank you to all the businesses, organizations, and citizens who have worked with the Chamber of Commerce to provide the Castle Valley Lamb Fry for the past seven years.

As with all things, change is inevitable. When we took over the lamb fry, at the request of the Emery County Commission, many people thought we wouldn't be able to handle it, but with the help of many different organizations and dedicated people who want to maintain the lamb fry tradition, we did succeed.

Now, we are passing the lamb fry along to the Emery County Youth Council to use as a fund-raiser for their projects. The Chamber has paid the youth council to help serve for several years, so they do have some hands-on experience with the lamb fry and the Chamber wishes them the very best with this endeavor.

It is the Chamber's sincere wish that the youth council will continue to receive the same moral support and financial aid from the Emery County Commissioners, the Castle Valley Pageant, the Emery County Fair Board, Castle Dale City, the Southeastern Junior Livestock Show, Workforce Services, businesses from Emery and Carbon counties, and all the people who donated hours of their time to make the lamb fry a success.

The lamb fry will be held in the Castle Dale City fairgrounds Aug. 3,4,5,8,9,10,11 and 12, in conjunction with the Castle Valley Pageant. You can call the Emery County Recreation Center, 381-2108, for times and menu pricing.

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