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Grad night 2006: Green River High

Staff Writer

Green River High Co-Valedictorian Joshua Dunham delivers his speech.
Green River High Co-Valedictorian Hyrum Mitchell addresses the audience.

Following the processional of the 17 graduating students, the senior class of Green River High School presented a slide show tribute to all veterans from Green River. The emotional photos of each veteran were shown while a moving rendition of God Bless the USA was played.

Class President Whitney Bigelow welcomed everyone and introduced the first speaker for the ceremony. Joshua Dunham, valedictorian, began his talk with a special thanks to all the parents for raising them and being there for them. He also thanked the teachers for challenging them to think for themselves.

"Twelve years ago we started on a journey and we are now recognized as adults. We are free to choose what we want to do with our lives and there are endless possibilities," Dunham said.

"Everything we do in life will be hard, and there will be some failures and obstacles. Don't let those stop you. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Whatever you do, if you fail, I hope it is while you are trying to do great things," Dunham concluded.

Hyrum Mitchell, valedictorian, was next to speak. He said he had decided to keep his speech short, so be progressive, be tolerant, and be grateful. His remarks were targeted to the students remaining at Green River. "Be progressive. Don't live by a mold, you don't have to be everything everyone else is. Challenge yourself, find your talents, make your own choices," said Mitchell.

"Be tolerant of others, don't get trapped in a pit of selfishness. Another important thing is not to have room in your life for unkindness. High school seems to focus on differences, find yourselves and go for your dreams.

"Be grateful and learn to appreciate others. Two of the most important words in the English language are thank you. Thanks to everyone in this town for helping to make us who we are. Thanks to the teachers for their hard work. Thanks to the grandmas, grandpas, parents and friends who supported us along our way," finished Mitchell.

Another slide show was shown, this one depicting each student through the years. Bigelow then presented two bouquets of flowers to two special ladies who have helped this senior class "a ton," said Bigelow. The first to Kaylynn Fail and and the other to Jessica Jenkins.

Miss J then addressed the graduating class. "Class of 2006, your families are very proud of you tonight," she said. She went on to compare the play "Into the Woods" with the lives of the graduates. "The primary focus of this musical is the quest. The woods represent the transition from childhood to maturity. There is no clear cut way, but there are always possibilities.

"Discover the joy of serving others. My dad told me that everyone has three abilities. Dependability, responsibility, and availability. I see those three in all of you.

"The things you value most in life are the relationships you form with other people who come in and out of your life. Measure yourself from these relationships. I celebrate you, you are a great legacy for Green River High School. You are great students, you have the abilities. Go forth and serve," Jenkins concluded.

Following the speakers, Royd Hatt of the Emery County School Board and Green River High School Principal Nolan Johnson awarded the diplomas to the graduating class of Green River High School. Those graduates are: Whitney Bigelow; Chandra Burnett; Nick Burns; Amanda Clark; Aubree Dinkins; Joshua Dunham; Diana Engleman; Dani Gingerich; Brianna Gomez; Tanner McFarlane; Hyrum Mitchell; Krystal Olsen; Kyle Olsen; Sky Preston; Andrea Silliman; Ciji Vetere and Wes Winters.

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