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Letter to the Editor: Discontinue use of undercover cops



The only time any police department fails to solve any crime is when they start using undercover cops. Undercover cops violate all law and order of constitutional government. They create crime where there is no crime.

A lot has been said about the CIA and the leadership lately. When you consider those who organized the CIA and brought into focus undercover cops to all American law enforcement agencies, as a way to curb crime. Crime has increased.

We are not the police for the world economy. Foreign trade must include labor as much as any business. Otherwise, there is no balance. When a government excludes labor, we end up with a fascist government, and that is where we are headed.

The CIA, FBI, and all governments, must discontinue the overuse of undercover cops or else there is no constitution.

Liberals and conservatives are the problem with the United States. We are a divided nation. We must bring the secular and religious people back together as Americans. How, no one knows or seems to care. Surely, there is a way.

Working people who are not afraid of using their hands to work with can see the facts.

Ever since Senator Barry Goldwater wrote the book, "The Conscience of a Conservative," the religious right has abused conservatism as a means of taking over the conservative thinking of economics. Even Goldwater knew it was a dangerous ideology, that the far right, religious radicals were heading for.

Every person has the right to believe or not to believe.

What has happened to the Grand Ole Party of the Taft Hartley era, when constitutional laws were made called anti-trust laws?

We all need to learn the difference between a capitalist government and a free enterprise government. Look it up in a dictionary.

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