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XTO Gives to the Sheriff's Office

Christy Weston and Ray Trujillo of XTO present Sheriff Lamar Guymon, Capt. Kyle Ekker and Lt. Bill Downard with a check to help with the purchase of tasers.

The Emery County Sheriff's Office recently received a grant from XTO Energy. The company is headquartered in Texas with a satellite office in Orangeville. They are involved in gas exploration and drilling.

Sheriff Lamar Guymon, Capt. Kyle Ekker and Lt. Bill Downard accepted the $5,000 check from Ray Trujillo and Christy Weston of XTO. Sheriff Guymon said the donation will aid with the purchase of six taser guns to add one more tool for the deputies to use in subduing difficult suspects.

The sheriff's office has been looking at different funding options for the purchase of taser guns as money was not available in the general budget for the purchase. A number of grants have been applied for and Sheriff Guymon said he is hopeful other grants will come through so each deputy will be able to carry a taser in their patrol cars.

Lt. Downard said the taser is very effective. They have one for use in the jail if there are problems among inmates and it hasn't been activated because all the jail personnel need do is show the taser or threaten to use it and whatever the conflict, it's resolved peacefully. "They can be a real asset," added Lt. Downard.

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