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Letter to the Editor: Fix Voting Machines



I read in the newspaper (Salt Lake Tribune) on June 2, that a county clerk in Emery County blew the whistle on a security problem with Diebold Election System's voting machine.

While I cannot speak on the clerk's motives, I do want to express my opinion about the statement made by David Bear, spokesman for Diebold. Quoting from the newspaper article, Bear said, "The machines are already well-protected through standard procedures, including integrity tests, seals and, of course, honest elections officials. It's only a vulnerability to those who would commit a felony (tampering with an election)."

Personally, I would hate to have our voting machines suffer from tampering, especially right after I voted, but knowing there are hackers that would find Mr. Bear's statement a challenge, I don't feel very secure placing my vote into a machine that does not have the utmost safe-guards built in. I think California and Pennsylvania have the right idea, fix the problem; although changes cannot be made before our election, my sincere hope is that our officials will require a fix to Utah's voting machines, too.

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