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Wayman pleads guilty to manslaughter


Lanny Hubert Wayman, 59, appeared in court on June 8 before Judge George Harmond in the Seventh District Court in Castle Dale.

Wayman was in court on charges of manslaughter, second degree felony.

Purchase or possesion of a dangerous weapon, third degree felony.

Abuse/desecration of a dead human body, third degree felony. The defendant pled guilty to all three charges.

The defendant was advised of rights and penalties.

The defendant was represented in court by public defender David Allred.

Sentencing in the matter is scheduled for June 21, at 3 p.m. in courtroom A in Castle Dale.

These charges stem from the death by strangulation of Antoinette Corum, 59, from Cedar City.

Wayman admitted to strangling his girlfriend during an argument where the couple had been drinking heavily.

Wayman then transported the body to Emery County where he said he was going to dispose of the body and commit suicide. The motorhome containing the body of the woman was found on the road to Horse Canyon just off of SR-6.

Wayman called his brothers who reside in East Carbon and they met him and they managed to take a gun away from him.

They also notified the authorities and Wayman was arrested.

The sentence for the offense could be up to 25 years in prison.

Wayman is currently being held in the Emery County jail where he will remain until sentencing on June 21.

As Wayman pled guilty a trial will be avoided.

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